1). What is Your Role as a Leader?

How do you define your role as leader? How will it help you succeed through all weathers? This video introduces fresh perspectives to help you plot, navigate and grow through your journey. Understand and apply these simple principles and you will be make huge initial strides to be a far more effective all-weather leader.

5). How can you create most value?

This video introduces a fresh and simple way for you to think, decide and do things differently. THE FIVE MINDSETS is core to the All-Weather LEADership™ approach. It shows you how to reorder your priorities so that you can create the value you desire.

6). Play your Best Cards.

What cards do you have? How can you play your best cards as a leader? Which other cards do you need? This short video gets you thinking in a completely different way about how you can get the best out of your resources.

8). What are your next steps?

This video introduces the LEAD Self-Assessment to help you plot your next steps. Review how you have progressed and check where you can Map, Navigate and Grow more effectively. This is both the first and final tool within the All-Weather LEADership™ toolkit.