Sharpen your 2020 Vision – seven questions, seven tips

So what is going to be different for you in 2020?

Well, the good news is … you have a choice!

Of course, we can’t predict the many unpredictable things that will happen, but we can definitely choose how we want to plot and navigate our course through 2020 and beyond.

To create your 2020 Vision you need to see the whole picture and not focus on one soundbite. There are seven questions in Leaders’ Map to help you work it through. Aim to make it your best year – best decade – ever.

And here are the 7 tips to help you make the most of it:

1. Aspire for great things in every aspect of your life

Aim high. Use a separate Leaders’ Map for each area of your life eg work, family, social, personal, etc. Note that most things will change except your values. Always carry your values with you whatever you are doing!

2. Work with others

Talk through – chew over – each of your Leaders’ Maps with those around you. Ask for their input. They will see things that you miss. Remember the African proverb, “If you want to go fast …. go alone, if you want to go far … go together.”

3. Learn as you go

Don’t use your responses to the Leaders’ Map questions as your New Year Wish List, i.e. get all excited, put them in a drawer and forget about them for 12 months. Reflect on and review each of your Maps once a month, if not far more frequently, to make updates on your journey. It’s best to use pencil – there will be changes which will provide great learning opportunities.

4. Be ready to change

Expect that unexpected circumstances can blow you off-course. Life is not a straight line! Just readjust your sails and keep your values, vision and goals in sight. They will guide you as you pivot back on course.

5. Share what you can

Download extra copies of Leaders’ Map (and 50 other great models) for your own use and to share with others from It’s free!

6. Read to grow

If you want to explore more how you and your team can use Leaders’ Map more effectively read LEAD: 50 models for success in work & life.

7. Be grateful for each day

Make the most of each day of your journey. It’s yours to enjoy!

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